Ollie - Slim vending machine with small footprint


Full touch screen for more impact and interaction.


The patent-pending OLLI Collection was created to disrupt an industry that was getting bigger bulkier.

OLLI’s small footprint allows it to be installed in locations that were never thought possible in the past.

The OLLI machines have the ability to fit a healthy amount of products inside.


Each OLLI vending machine comes with a 24″ touchscreen that allows you to control the content, providing added advertising revenue if desired.

The system also features a unique conveyor system and a drop sensor that provides product delivery assurance.

This automated retail innovation is catching fire across the world and can now be seen in almost every region of North America.

The OLLI collection is also the perfect machine for many Franchise and Business Opportunities.


This collection is built by The-Venders at their facility in Corona, California. It has taken more than two years to perfect this delivery system and give it the flexibility needed to fill a huge void in the distribution channel.


These OLLI vending machines can handle products as small as a pack of gum and as large as a cell phone. We can also customize the delivery to facilitate larger products if necessary.


Giving product manufacturers and distributors a low-cost solution to increase their distribution has been our mission since our inception, and these small vending machines for sale are the answer.


Companies can now brand the OLLI system with their unique look and feel, offer products to their customers at locations never before though possible and do so at a very affordable cost.


Imagine your brand on these OLLI vending machines and your best and fastest selling products available at the mall, the airport, the train station, convenience stores, night clubs, restaurants, in fact anywhere that has 4 sq. ft. of floor space.


Embrace this “New Evolution” and become a part of The-Venders family.