The Venders, ( an innovative vending, kiosk, and automated retailing designer, developer and manufacturer of customized vending systems featuring their own small footprint built in America Slimline product group, announced that their client Power Drop has successfully installed two VEN600 machines within Edmonton International Airport.


The two machines are strategically placed in highly visibility areas near the passenger check in and the baggage claim areas.  Sales are set to sky rocket as passengers and guests of the airport are always in need of a mobile phone charge.


Edmonton International Airport is one of Canada’s busiest airports with millions of people traveling throughout the year. “A small foot print machine like this makes total sense for the airport space,” said,Joe Menichiello, Managing Director of Power Drop. He added, “We are continuing to grow at a rapid pace and with the addition of two more international airports this summer, we could not be more excited.” Power Drop will be installing within Toronto International Airport and McAllen Miller International Airport in Texas this summer. Adding to The Venders airport presence, another client Rollasole, featuring a women’s “slipper,” has machines within Las Vegas McCarran International Airport.

“We are so excited to be working with these amazing entrepreneurs who see the vision for the future of vending and our machines in particular,” says, Bryan Ross, President of The Venders. “Every day we get more inquiries to partner with us and bring about this new evolution in retailing.” Along with their Slim Line series that is gaining tremendous steam, The Venders Midline and Topline series are also perfect fits for the airport space.  These units are rich with technology and offer all the latest technology. These features along with custom exterior designs create a machine that can really turn heads. The Venders motto is “If you dream it, we will make it.”  Retail Automation is a rapidly growing trend that is not only increasing within airports, but in traditional retail venues and The Venders are now a viable solution to this trend.