The Venders (, an innovative vending, kiosk, and automated retailing manufacturer featuring systems built in America, announced it will unveil its new Slimline “Power Drop” kiosk at the ARN Conference in New Orleans.


The Power Drop system features a revolutionary, space-saving design that allows a large number of products to be dispensed through a small footprint. The kiosk utilizes an engaging interface that attracts consumer interest and provides product information.


Power Drop is a one-time disposable battery charger for Android and iPhone/iPad devices that adds up to 4 hours of life. The revolutionary device was heralded at CES as one of the show’s most remarkable new innovations.


The Venders has the exclusive contract to manufacture the Power Drop kiosks.


The system is offered as a business opportunity to qualified individuals and entrepreneurs looking for a turn-key operation in the rapidly growing automated retailing and vending market.

“The Power Drop system features both an innovative kiosk and a cutting edge product,” said Joe Menichiello, President of Power Drop. “We expect sales of this unit to continue to surge as the cellphone market (over 6.8 billion devices in use in the world) provides an almost limitless potential customer base.”


According to research, 90% of cellphone users have “low battery anxiety” and worry about losing power. That’s an astonishing 680 million people. 60 percent of people have missed speaking to a loved one due to a dead battery, 17 percent have missed dates, and one in three have gotten into arguments with a significant other or romantic interest as a result of unanswered calls or texts because their smartphone was dead. Furthermore, TSA rules require devices to power up or they may be confiscated.


“The Power Drop will keep love alive,” Menichiello chuckled.


For more information on The Venders or the Power Drop, call: 800-469-0970, or visit:

See the Power Drop at ARN, booth: 5009.


About The Venders:

The Venders develops innovative vending machines, kiosks, and automated retailing systems that provide unique, affordable, space-efficient solutions for product sales and distribution.