One might ask why anyone would consider reinventing an industry that has been around more than 130 years, but thanks to the human desire for advancement people like the founders of The-Venders have been up to the challenge.


For many years Bob and Bryan have been looking for an opportunity to make a difference and hopefully leave a legacy behind that will continue to drive innovation and excitement in our world.  They have developed many things since joining force more than 15 years ago, namely Flix on Stix, the first totally secure content download and distribution system approved by Hollywood. Faith Media Center, a new and unique system for any organization to give connectivity between the management and the members, offering content, live interaction, social media and more, all safe, private and secure. Take10Media, a digital signage platform that was innovative at that time, being the first split screen delivery system shown on the market. And finally Home Rescue, a solution for people who found themselves in a state of trouble during the housing crisis. These opportunities while being cutting edge in their various and different fields and all self funded required large investment of dollars and not being fund raisers fell short when it came to deployment.


The-Venders is the first opportunity that they have been able to develop and deploy into the market place again self funded and so far has been received with great accolades by this industry.


Bob and Bryan come from opposite ends of the spectrum. Bryan is a lifelong entrepreneur and Bob is a lifelong corporate officer.


With their diversity of ideas and tenacity they have launched The-Venders, a company that truly brings the outdated vending industry into the 22st century.

While Bob was managing corporate governance Bryan was working on design and development of vending systems for such clients as Pepsi, Doritos, Farmers Fridge, IBM and many more.


As is customary with Bryan he decided to create a new machine that would fit an untapped market segment. He developed the Slimline family of machines. These units have proven to be a hit with the market and are filling the niche that brings market expandability to companies without the high cost of labor and fixed


Not to be stopped Bryan and Bob are now working on a new and innovative adjunct to their successful Slimline product. So keep an eye on The-Venders as there is much more exciting things to come.